Beautiful Dashboard

Amazing user experience with all required data

Create Portfolio and Site level beautiful dashboard with different types of add-on widgets categories - Graphs, Tables, Lists, Trends etc. We support all kinds of SCADA data formats, Excel sheets, CSV formats, FTP files, API and more than 20 other formats. Pull data from all leading solar meteo data providers including SolarGIS, SolCast, NREL, ISRO and more

Powerful Alerts and Notification System

Get on time alerts and respond to reduce the losses

With our powerful alerting system, you get timely and important alerts based on user-defined rules to keep you ahead in the game. Get Daily, Weekly or Monthly alerts for all kinds of parameters and anomalies. Combine your alert with relevant reports in excel format to get insights and data. Group number of notifications in a group to have better context of the alerts. Get alerts on your E-mail or via SMS on your phone. Pre-defined alerts include notifications for Low PA, Low GA, Radiation Target difference, Plant Down Logs, Grid Down Logs, WMS Data Missing and more.

Secure and Role Based Access

Customized timeline according to the role

Restricted access to dashboard based on use roles. Site-incharge, Manager and Admin gets different dashboard according to the settings. Https based secure portal with 99.99 % uptime.