With Reportly you can get instant portfolio and site level dashboard by pulling data from various data sources, including Excel sheets, CSV, FTP, SCADA, API as well Pull data from all leading solar meteo data providers including SolarGIS, SolCast, NREL, ISRO and more.

Create dashboard and pull data from multiple data sources -

  • We support all kinds of SCADA data formats, Excel sheets, CSV formats, FTP files, API and more than 20 other formats.
  • Generate instant Excel reports from large gallery of commonly used report formats such as - Daily MIS Reports, Zone-wise or State-wise Reports, KPI Data Reports, Target vs Actual Comparison, Inverter Generation Reports, PA-GA Reports, CUF-PR Reports and more.
  • Schedule automatic daily, weekly or monthly Reports to different users on email.
  • Create Portfolio level, site level, device level reports, comparison reports, breakdown logs reports or any other kind of report.

Your Portfolio, Your Calculation on Our Platform

  • You can tweak all your calculations and formulas for various data based on your needs.
  • Any number of new formulas can be added any time.
  • All new calculations can be performed on your historical data.

Inverter Performance Tracking

  • Track Performance of all your portfolio’s inverters at once.
  • Calculate Inverter Make-wise PR, module Make-wise PR, Site-wise PR and compare with other assets.
  • Get Daily/Weekly/Monthly Inverter Performance Reports.
  • Identify and fix issues on time.

Module Cleaning Performance Tracking

  • Track your module cleaning schedule, compare Wet Module Cleaning with Robot Module Cleaning.
  • Analyse Impact on Inverter performance by comparing After and Before Cleaning PR (%)
  • Track water consumption, with block wise or inverter wise data.